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Walter Perdan visual artist

I am Walter Perdan, an Italian visual artist. I like to dedicate myself to different expressive fields, and to weave different artistic researches. My production ranges from painting, sculpture and to interactive art. In recent years, moreover, i have dedicated myself to augmented reality and its applications in the art world.


An introduction to my idea about art and painting.

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I love sculpturing discover more about my practice and techniques.

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In the past i also did some performances around the ascension theme.

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Interactive Art

All my interactive artworks are here, visit also the augemented reality section.

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The persimmon tree became "the tree of peace" because after Nagasaki destruction in august 1945, survived only some persimmon trees.

Walter Perdan Artworks

Every artwork I create is a look at Art. I have always thought that art should reveal the truth while making . Through his language and the elements connected to it it must establish a dialogue with the viewer. This discourse is not always linear or simple. It is not possible that it is always immediately understandable. Art requires effort, and effort to achieve a final result. Of course, if it is a language, its final purpose should be to communicate a message effectively. But sometimes, in communication, messages are encrypted and an understanding is not possible without an adequate reading key. Furthermore, how many languages ​​exist in the world? is it possible to know them all? In my way I play with a language, the language of Poetry, that practice that has no boundaries or rules, if not that of Art and its intrinsic anarchic law. I have known different periods and have traveled many paths in the woods. I found clearings and in these clearings I created my works. For this reason they reflect what I found on this journey: difficulty, hope, intelligence and light. Art is the salt of Life, indeed the Life itself that becomes Art. In its inexhaustible drive to become freedom and the driving force of new thoughts and new ideas, Art tries to overcome itself, as the wave ceaselessly crosses itself into the sea. In this game, the highest game that can be conceived, which has no equal, the artist establishes a dance with the elements of his discourse, be it painting, sculpture, or other. In these pages you will find a part of me and of the speech that I tried to establish, I don't know if it will ever have an end, this will not depend on me ...