Performance | L'artista e l'Utopia by Walter Perdan artist.

L'artista e l'Utopia

L'artista e l'Utopia

Informative sheet

Title: L'artista e l'Utopia
Year: 2007
Technique: Various materials: video, performance, polyester resin, acrylic paint, blue pigment on canvas, sintetyc resin footholds for climbing.
Dimensions: Variable dimensions

In the performance "L'artista e l'Utopia" (English: The artist and the Utopia) I wanted to continue the path set with Art is ascent. Firstly, the use of different languages: performance, painting, sculpture, video and photography. And again the theme of ascension as a physical metaphor and its relationship with abstract art. The idea came to me seeing a Yves Klein cartoon depicting Malevich while he painted his famous abstract painting Black Square, looking at a blue monochrome Klein. In this cartoon with a lot of "irony" Klein tries to give more value to its artistic discoveries. I wanted to play on this item and recreate a situation in which the two languages of the two artists live because of my performance in which reconstruct the image of a painting by Malevich: blue triangle in black rectangle. But it's reversed: the triangle turns black, thanks to the tip of the mask sculpture I wear, and the rectangle becomes blue (Klein blue!). Utopia because in both artists Malevich and Klein this element is present, just think of the philosophical discussions of Klein's blue color and the concept of the age of the air, then I want to remember the heated discussions on Malevich's Suprematism and because usually without the 'Utopia I think that art would not otherwise have no sense ...

Bologna, 2007

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