Artist statement

Walter Perdan Artist Statement

Art is a joke, acrylic painting on canvas with augmented reality, 70 x 50 cm, 2018.

I began to seriously do art because one day I started reading "The spiritual in art" by Vassilij Kandinkij. From that moment, I fell in love with abstract art, the musicality of color and the Utopia. Much water has passed under the bridges and I have had many artistic and life experiences, but something has remained in my mind of that adolescent approach: The search for Truth through Art. What I want to communicate through my artistic work is not summarized in a stylistic formula, I do not want to reach such a formal style or level, but I want to be in continuous research because only through it i can interpret contemporaneity and myself.
However, I am interested in several "themes": the representation of energy and noise, the concept of time and space, the rituality of the artistic gesture. I am inspired and inspired by different artists, many of my previous works refer to the abstract art of Kandinsky, Malevic, Klein and Mondrian. I tried to draw inspiration from some of their works to develop a personal discourse on the theme of ascension. A great contribution was also given to me by the surrealist masters, in many ways a source of inspiration. As for the sculpture, Henry Moore and Tony Cragg have marked me deeply and given a great lesson.
Artists who taught me and gave me so much, because I had the good fortune to collaborate directly with them, is the couple formed by Lucy and Jorge Orta. I have admired many things in them but the attention to ecology and social art is remarkable. I have a fondness for Japanese art both from the past and contemporary, I really appreciate Hokusai and contemporary artists like Takashi Murakami and Yaioi Kusama.
My expressive world ranges over different techniques: I express myself with painting and sculpture but in the past I have also made performances. As for painting at the moment I prefer the acrylic technique but I also like the watercolor and the use of china ink. In the past I painted a lot of oil but now I prefer acrylic for speed and versatility. I paint on different supports, from canvas to paper to plywood.
Furthermore, an important part of my artistic practice is design. Through it I can immediately transcribe an idea and develop it. I use different media: from simple pencil to different types of felt-tip pens and inks. What I find in one area, I try to translate it with another technique and media of expression. Sculpture is an important part of my research. I made sculptures with different materials: from Carrara marble, to wood, bronze and various synthetic resins. For me, sculpture, as far as I can, is something that is located in a space, which lives it and retains its traces. This is why I conceive sculpture as a continuum that goes from the work to the environment.
A part of my research is also focused on interactive art with particular reference to augmented reality, I use different technologies but now I mainly go to systems that can be used on mobile devices. So with a simple smartphone you can interact with the work to have another level of fruition.