Art Performance | Art is ascent, Ascent is art by Walter Perdan.

Art is ascent, Ascent is art

Art is ascent, ascent is art

Informative sheet

Title: Art is ascent, ascent is art
Year: 2007
Technique: Mixed media, wood, acrilyc color, resin polyester, micro telecamera, video, performance.
Dimensions: 3.3mt x 1.20mt x 1.40mt

Art is ascent, ascent is art is a Walter Perdan's art performance. This performative-installational work is the result of a long process that began when I was little more than a boy. A path that originated from a intuition that I had reading the spiritual art of Vasilj Kandinskij,thus starting me to to the abstract art .A that time I was a tireless and well-trained sport climber. Art is ascent is the result of prior installation works that I made during the course of painting with Prof. Mundula at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2007. It is not the first nor the last, but it certainly is one that marked a maturation in my artistic career. The work that has instead established a conclusion of this process was Black Square. In Art is ascent I tried to put together two apparently distant worlds: the rites of ascension and the ascension lived as sporting performative moment.

The work consists of an art performance on a sculpture that unfolds from a horizontal to a vertical structure that I painted a neutral color and on which I screwed up more than three hundred footholds in polyester resin, used in the sport of 'climbing, colored in a different way, and arranged in such a way as to suggest an image of a landscape in nature. A picture by now disgregrated, disintegrated at which you can no longer reach. I would climb this structure wearing a helmet-mask that makes me blind, but that has a micro-camera housed on the top of it, like an eye "sees" instead of my eyes (third eye or the oriental cultures 'eye of a modern Cyclops.) The shape of the mask was printed on clothing I wear for this performance, along with a text summarizing the poetic work: in front a  blue color mask and the phrase Art is ascent, behind a yellow color mask and the phrase Ascent is art, Kandinskj  reference to the pairs of opposites (blue-yellow, cold-warm, spirit-matter). In this way, as I have said, my intention was to create a link between the world of sport and the shamanic rituals. Twice, splitting, disintegration of the image and of the idea of ascension, the movement schizophrenic as typical of the contemporary moment, the vision impaired consciousness during the ascent and the oscillation between real and unreal and consequent displacement of the points are highlights of my job. It is also obvious reference to abstract art, Kandinsky here, in the artist and the Utopia Yves Klein and Kazimir Malevic, Kazimir Malevich and Black Square. In addition to images you can see the video that I made to completion and documentation of the same where you can see the characters that I have outlined above. This was an art performance that i made about the cycle of ascension and realated to abstract art, I did other perfromances go to my performance intro page.

Bologna, 2007 Mixed media, wood,  acrilic colour, resin poliesther, micro telecamera, video, performance.

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