Sculpture introduction about Walter Perdan artworks.


Sculptures made in Carrara marble.

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Sculptures made in different wood types.

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Hand made bronze sculptures.

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Other materials

Sculptures made with other materials: epoxy, polyesther and acrylic resin.

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Introduction to Walter Perdan sculpture.


The abstract sculpture and not only.

For me, abstract sculpture is an important part of my artistic activity as a sculptor. In recent times, however, I am also referring to the production and experimentation of abstract - figurative hybrid forms. I made my first sculptures during my training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. At the beginning I was interested in the topic of ascension from a contemporary point of view; see the performances section to learn more. Sculpture was an associated means of expression because to make these installations the sculptural part was preponderant. I was inspired by artists like Henry Moore, Tony Cragg, Constantin Brancusi. My first sculpture I made was an abstract wooden sculpture and for me it meant a new artistic phase.

Time and space in sculpture

A part of my artistic research concerns the themes of time and space in relation to sculpture. How can we represent time and space in sculpture? It is a very difficult question, maybe some people will answer that it is not possible, but I am convinced that there is a way. I began to compare myself with this poetics in 2015. the resulting sculptures were forms created by superimposing layer upon layer of fluid, variable forms. It was as if an ideal shape was deformed with vibrations and the sculpture was the result of this sudden transformation and subsequent freezing. Then they remember geological forms: the layered rocks due to sedimentation in a process that lasted millions of years.

This practice influenced painting and drawing, as I was actually drawing on the sheets of polystyrene or plywood which I then cut out. The same forms were simply transported into painting and drawing.

The techniques and materials of sculpture

I have used and used a great variety of materials: Carrara marble, larch wood, plywood, various types of resin, bronze, and I like to constantly experiment with new materials and techniques.

I am handy for carving and for modeling. I am used to creating molds in gypsum and silicone rubber and other various types. Modeling with clay and its like (professional plasticine and wax) is of considerable importance to me. I am also aware of modeling and 3D printing techniques.