Performance | Black Square at Basilica S.Stefano, Bologna.

Quadrato nero (Black square)

Quadrato nero (Black square)

Informative sheet

Title: Quadrato nero (Black square)
Year: 2009
Technique: Mixed materials, wood, resin poliesther, steel, video, performance.
Dimensions: 4,20mt x 3.20mt x 2,20mt

The performance work that marks my artistic career is definitely Quadrato nero ( tr.en. Black Square). Presented at the exhibition Iconoclastie the Basilica di S.Stefano di Bologna in 2009. Once again, I wanted to deal with the issue of ascension in contemporary art. The place was definitely the most suitable. St. Stephen's site of one of the oldest churches, not only of Bologna but of all Italy and Europe in some ways, it certainly offers in itself a starting point for this reflection. Quadrato nero (black square) performance at iconoclastie exibithion S.Stefano Bologna. It was my intention to make a tribute to Malevic, an artist I admire very much and I have studied carefully. In my thesis, "The Ascension in contemporary art. Three artists in comparison: Matthew Barney, Amish Fulton and Anish Kapoor. "Try to show the importance of the Ascension in the contemporary and the last chapter of it I tried to give a summary of my work and research in the ascension . There are several elements that flow In Black Square. A reflection on the concept of ascension from an anthropological point of view, a reflection on the ascension as a concept loaded with multiple meanings, the idea of the relativity of geometric shapes due to the conception of non-Euclidean geometry, the black square in the infinity symbol 'alchemy, and a motion-logical zaum. I ran the performance during the evening of the exhibition, the video and the images that I present in this page does not refer to the same but are later. Visit alo my other performance L'artista e l'utopia. Bologna, Basilica di S:Stefano, 2009, Iconoclastie exibithion.

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