Walter Perdan visual artist - drawing section

The Art of Drawing

Drawing is a fundamental practice for my artistic expression. It is the field in which it is possible to continuously experiment with new ideas and possibilities. A simple sheet of paper, a marker or a pencil can create infinite worlds. When I take a pencil or a marker in my hand I try to make the void inside me, the drawing must arise spontaneously by itself. Generally I do not start with a pre-conceived idea, I start making signs, colored or non-colored shapes and then I try to listen to them and get carried away by an intuition. I really like working with ecoline and black ink, and generating stains that take shape or creating intricate designs. My art is intimately linked to abstract art and psychedelic art, and in some ways to surrealist art. On this page you will find a choice of my designs; not all those that I have produced are collected, I only present a choice and progressively the page will be updated with other and new images of my drawings.