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Buy art online – Walter Perdan Shop - introduction.

If you want to purchase some original artworks you are on the right page. Buy art online is easy,  just go to one of my online shops: Artfinder, Artmajeur. On these platforms you can buy with credit card or paypal as you prefer.

Art is a joke - abstract augmented reality art

"Art is a joke" interactive art by Walter Perdan.

Buy art online – type of artworks for sale.

I realize artworks in different medium and technique. My main fields of expression are painting, sculpture and interactive art with augmented reality. I like to paint with acrylic colors on canvas and plywood, but i also love watercolors and markers. Above all I make abstract paintings with a particular attention to the surrealist and psychedelic art. In the past I worked a lot with oil painting but in this last years I switched to acrylic as they are faster to make and quickly to dry. The painting on canvas are generally strectched on frame, the works on paper are mounted on a frame with glass.
I do sculpture with marble, stone, wood and other materials. I create abstract forms between organic and geometric.
I make also a research on interactive art with augmented reality. I realize abstract paintings or sculptures within you can interact with a simple smartphone.

If you want to take a look at my art, go to my artistic portfolio for a summary of my works and also see the introductory pages for each section:




Buy art online – shipping art and payment methods.

All the works are sent by express courier for the traceability of the shipment. The works are packed in the best way, to ensure maximum protection and avoid any damage. The sculpture and painting works are sent to the wooden box. Each payment method is valid: You can purchase my artworks by credit card or paypal. To check the payment conditions, consult the pages dedicated to each portal. If you are interested in the marble sculptures, please contact me to establish a transport agreement.

As for the paintings: they are wrapped with a protective plastic to prevent scratches and that any liquids can damage them. Subsequently a layer of bubble wrap is applied and finally placed in the foam-lined casing. The box is closed with screws.
As for the sculptures: they are also wrapped with a protective plastic. And a further layer of bubble wrap and any polyurethane foam reinforcements. At the end the sculpture is placed inside the box and filled with other packaging (chips or plurball) to avoid movement of the same during transport. The box is closed with its cover and secured with screws.
For framed works on paper I adopt a very similar system, in any case they are shipped in a wooden crate.
Some paper works are sent rolled in a tube, even in this case the artwork is shipped with the best possible packaging to avoid any possible damage.

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