Artistic portfolio by Walter Perdan

Contemporary art portfolio by Walter Perdan

A selection of contemporary art works by the artist Walter Perdan are presented in this artistic portfolio.The artist works in the field of painting, sculpture and interactive art with augmented reality. Walter is an artist who continues an artistic research between technological innovation and tradition in contemporary art. In particular, he searches through painting and sculpture to extend them through "augmented reality". As you can see, he does not limit himself to this but he loves experimenting with different forms of expression that are continually searching for new possibilities for artistic expression. Contemporary art includes a wide range of trends and ramifications, some terms and statements that you can find in this portal on abstract or surrealist art are perhaps questionable, because in part the meaning of these movements and interpretations on art have evolved and modified in part. They are free interpretations of the artist and do not want to be impositions, rather than the keys of reading to better understand his corpus of works.

Each work that is present in this portfolio can be visited on this site through a special link, or via the menu - navigation bar at the top. Anyway, I suggest you visit the introductory pages of each section of the works:

Introduction to painting

Introduction to sculpture

Introduction to performances

Introduction to artworks with augmented reality