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Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso
walter perdan

Walter Perdan visual artist

Walter Perdan artist expresses himself through different mediums: sculpture, painting, installation, interactive art. I am interested in the hybridization between different techniques and mediums of expression. I have a particular passion for abstract, surrealist and psychedelic art. I look for the border areas between sculpture painting and the practice of drawing. During the two-year specialization at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna I began to be interested in interactive art and to try my hand at this field, not forgetting any more traditional means. I believe that every artist must tell a story, and this must be readable in the works. My story starts from my homeland, Trieste, a Central European city, suspended between the Karst and the sea, where it is normal to be a sailor and a mountaineer at the same time. I had and partly I still have a passion for climbing and mountain. From 1993 to 1997 I participated in the first national climbing climbing championships. This my passion merged with the passion for art in an artistic research that in 2009 led me to exhibit my performative work Quadrato Nero at the Basilica of S. Stefano in Bologna, in the “Iconoclastie” exhibition curated by Giovanni Mundula and Edoardo di Mauro. The work was Black Square in honor of Malevic and his iconoclastic work. I have studied and looked a lot at this artist, as for the rest of other masters of abstract art.

"Everything flees the past to go towards the future, but everything must live in the present, since in the future the apple trees will not bloom."

Kazimir Malevic

After this phase, as I anticipated, I began to deepen my knowledge on interactive art and augmented reality. Although I love traditional expressive techniques very much, I felt the need to try new ways. Even as a boy, however, the computer world fascinated me, both the “softer” aspect and the "harder" aspect of the hardware. My first computer a commodore vic 20 (!) Is now not even comparable to the power that has a simple smartphone. These new technological means allow us to do things that were once unthinkable and therefore take us to a frontier that is to be explored and invented. Technology redefines the limits of human beings and consequently also of the artist and of art. My research is now in the borderline between new technologies (augmented reality) and traditional techniques. I create abstract paintings with which thanks to a smartphone and an internet connection and pointing the video camera towards the painting it is possible to interact with it. You can consult my works in the Artworks (Portfolio) section, in the Blog section, instead, articles will be periodically presented mainly on themes of art, interactivity and more. I wish you a good use of my site!

Walter Perdan artist