Interactive art | Salti quantici a virtual reality world by Walter Perdan.

Salti quantici

Salti quantici

Informative sheet

Title: Salti quantici
Year: 2010
Technique: Software neoaxis, video and sound
Dimensions: without

Salti quantici (tr.en. Quantum jumps) is a work of interactive art of immersion in a virtual reality. A world in which everything, almost everything is marked with the color blue. As in an architecture of air, or a  huge painting monochrome blue of Yves Klein. Fractal shapes, recursive structures and windows that are transported to another location. The protagonist is a quantum of energy that accomplishes precisely quantum jumps. The sound is generated by a synthesizer that generates sounds based on the movements of the avatar. The cycle takes forever, eternally suspended in an abstract painting .... I create another virtual world in FSL (Fractal Sound Landscape) a virtual landscape where everithing became sound... Quantum jumps was made possible thanks to the software neoaxis and puredata for the sound part troughout  OSC protocol

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