Abstract painting | L'eterno Dilemma - acrylic painting by Walter Perdan.

L'eterno Dilemma

L'eterno Dilemma

Informative sheet

Title: L'eterno Dilemma
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 3,5 cm

L’eterno Dilemma (The eternal dilemma) is an abstract painting. It is a work of abstract art: two forms overlaps, creating another form, which may seems like an ideogram or a fantastic form. Simplicity is only apparent because it is an image that leads to a multiple interpretation that does not end briefly. In a certain sense, the painting was inspired by the stereoscopic vision of 3D cinema. Here in fact two shapes with different colors are superimposed, generally a form with a bluish color and another form with a reddish color, to increase the illusion of three-dimensionality. Stereoscopy is a technique invented in the nineteenth century to make images as three-dimensional as possible, in this abstract painting I wanted to use this principle to give a three-dimensional sense to it. The eternal dilemma is linked to a series of paintings that have been designed for augmented reality as abstract painting, see for example Art is a joke. Here, as in other paintings, I wanted to create ideograms without a "meaning". That is, to unbind the signifier from the meaning. In this sense I was inspired by the work of the South Korean artist Lee Ungno and other artists such as Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung. The shapes always have an organic, fluid appearance, as though they were, by some mysterious vibration, disappearing from one moment to the next. In this unpredictable flow is inserted the abstract painting of The Eternal Dilemma. The synthesis of colors and the simplicity of the shapes are a characteristic of this painting and of others created by me. A constant that is maintained along almost the entire pictorial production.

To learn more about my poetics and my artistic production visit the introduction page on painting. Here you will find some of my thoughts, in the form of reflection, about abstract painting, art and my origins as an artist.

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