Abstract painting | Ridi Pagliaccio - painting by Walter Perdan

Ridi Pagliaccio

Ridi Pagliaccio

Informative sheet

Title: Ridi Pagliaccio
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 4 cm

Ridi Pagliaccio is an abstract painting with acrylic colors, the idea is to create shapes that may seem like ideograms. I got to know the work of the South Korean artist Lee Ugno, who lived in Paris from the 50s, thanks to a retrospective exhibition at the Cernuschi museum. This artist produced many works whose theme was the ideogram untied from its semantic meaning, ideograms that only mean themselves. It must be said that in the oriental culture, painting is equivalent to writing. This concept is difficult for us to understand, but it is very fascinating.
In this abstract painting the blue form is the ideogram, but it could also be the smaller brown shapes in the lower right corner, an indetermination and an atmosphere of suspension reigns supreme. I also wanted to paint sinusoidal lines and colored horizontal bands, to suggest a series of primordial sounds. In this way a fantastic and surreal atmosphere is revealed, albeit to the minimum terms. A laugh is on the horizon, where will our daring knight enter the scene? where the court buffoon? Although the title of the work Ridi Pagliaccio suggests a link with the masterpiece of Ruggero Leoncavallo, creating it I did not explicitly think about it, the name came like this, through the gift of intuition.
The references to this work are also to be found in surrealist artists, such as Joan Miro, Max Ernst and in Kandinsky's abstract surreal painting, even if I do not wish such an explicit reference. I like, when I create a work, to think only of itself as an independent creature that looks to the past but flies into the future. Flying with the imagination, a feature that certainly and terribly makes us human and that allows us to achieve great goals. I made other painting with "ideograms" visit for example the artwork Ideogram password.

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