Artivive | Suono di superficie - interactive painting by Walter Perdan

Suono di superficie

Suono di superficie

Informative sheet

Title: Suono di superficie
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 2,5 cm

"Suono di superficie" (English: Surface Sound) is an interactive acrylic painting supported by the Artivive technology. An abstract painting with almost organic shapes is transformed with augmented reality into something animated and abstract: see the video below. Blue and green waves that stand out against a yellow background, an almost impenetrable ringing surface define the work as a sound that turns into abstract painting. A sound that is just "surface" because the yellow color resembles the ringing sound of a trumpet (see Kandinskji in "The spiritual in art"). The painting also refers to the dimension of dreams and primordial time: see also Onde sonore (English: Sound waves) another painting on this theme. Artivive is a markerless technology for Augmented Reality and immersive vitual experiences with a smartphone that #bringArtToLife. Artivive app is available for Android and Ios System, just install the app and... enjoy!

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