Figurative art | Strapiombo installation art by Walter Perdan



Informative sheet

Title: Strapiombo
Year: 2007
Technique: mixed
Dimensions: variabili 'Verso l'alto' dim. 100 x 130 cm; 'Braccio' dim. 100 x 130 cm; 'Mano' dim. 100 x 130 cm; 'Beta' dim. 20 x 30 cm; 'Strapiombo' dim. 200 x 120 cm.

Strapiombo is an installation of figurative art composed of several elements: a panel with an inclinable relief on which I made a mini ascension and mixed-technique paintings. From the ascension I took some photos that I then made the paintings illustrated above. This work is connected to the series of works I conceived around the theme of ascension. It was my intention to represent the distorted, altered vision of a shaman rising upward and emphasizing certain traits and details of this ascension. The bright colors, the formal simplification and the contrast between dark and bright colors, are methods to accentuate a situation of intense concentration and emphasize the transition from one psychic state to another.I explored the theme of ascension in some my performance.

I was and i am still interested in figurative art other artworks will be uploaded in a near future.

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