Abstract sculpture | Crescita frattale sculpture by Walter Perdan.

Crescita frattale

Crescita frattale

Informative sheet

Title: Crescita frattale (en. Fractal growth)
Year: 2014
Technique: bronze, patina.
Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.5 x 11 cm

Crescita frattale (English: Fractal growth) is a bronze abstract sculpture by Walter Perdan. It was created thanks to a special software to generate fractal and recursive three-dimensional shapes. Subsequently, a model was printed with a 3D printer from which the mold was made to carry out the casting in bronze. The software used is Xenodream. I came to this kind of forms after a research on fractal forms in architecture and visual arts. Fractals are structures that we find everywhere in nature. In reality it would be more correct to speak of mathematical models but for simplification we can accept this definition. I was interested and I am still interested in this subject because the topic of my specialist thesis concerned ecology and fractals were closely related to the discourse.

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