Modern sculpture | Grande madre - bronze sculpture by Walter Perdan.

Grande Madre

Grande madre

Informative sheet

Title: Grande madre: (en. Big Mother)
Year: 2008
Technique: bronze, patina.
Dimensions: 21 x 8 x 6 cm

Grande Madre (English: Big Mother) is a bronze modern sculpture by Walter Perdan. The cult of the "Big Mother" was a religion practiced in ancient times. It was usually represented by a reclining female figure, but not always. The sculpture is a tribute to the great English sculptor Henry Moore who during his long career made countless. The sculpture that becomes landscape, more and more abstract, but also the theme of the return to the earth, to the origins and to the feminine. An iconographic element that has been greatly investigated but which still arouses much interest. The earth as "Gaia", mother earth, will be and is still important for an ecological vision of the world.

I also made other sculptures on this theme, Grande madre dalla testa gialla (English: Big Yellow-Headed Mother) is an example.

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