Abstract sculpture | Vortice lobacevskijano artwork by Walter Perdan.

Vortice lobacevskijano

Vortice lobacevskijano

Informative sheet

Title: Vortice lobacevskijano
Year: 2008
Technique: Carrara marble
Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 35 cm

Vortice lobacevskjano (English: Lobacevskji vortex) is an abstract sculpture in Carrara marble. Made entirely by hand, it is inspired by non-Euclidean geometries. A simple form that can be interpreted in various ways. A form that creates a vacuum through a vortex generated by a deformation of a non-Euclidean space. Thinked in this way what can this form then be? The name of the artwork takes from Lobacevskij, a Russian mathematician who theorized a geometry that did not follow Euclid's postulates. Euclidean geometries are an important step in the mathematical sciences: they will indeed be an important preamble to Einstein's theory of relativity.

On the relationship between emptiness and abstract sculpture I would like to suggest the work Respiro cosmico (English: Cosmic Breath).

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