Abstract sculpture | Vuoto iconoclasta - marble sculpture by Walter Perdan.

Vuoto iconoclasta

Vuoto iconoclasta

Informative sheet

Title: Vuoto iconoclasta
Year: 2007
Technique: Carrara marble
Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 35 cm

Vuoto iconoclasta (English: Iconoclastic void) is an abstract sculpture in Carrara marble. A reflection on the concept of emptiness of oriental culture and iconoclasm or the destruction of images. A movement can generate the emptiness but also erase something pre-existing, in this tension between creation and destruction the artwork in question is located. The white of abstract sculpture does emphasize this concept. The candor of the new beginning but also of the last end, a thought as simple as complex. The work is part of a research on the concept of emptiness, see for example Respiro cosmico (Engish: Cosmic breath).

This work was on show in Rovereto (TN): "Art without frontiers, the soul of the world in sculpture", 2008, at the L.I.A. (International Archiepiscopal Lyceum).

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