Contemporary art | Big mother with yellow head by Walter Perdan.

Big mother with yellow head

Big mother with yellow head

Informative sheet

Title: Big mother with yellow head
Year: 2018
Technique: cold ceramic (acrylic resin), acrylic color.
Dimensions: 11x28x11 cm

Grande madre dalla testa gialla (English: Big yellow-headed mother) is a contemporary art sculpture by Walter Perdan. In this sculpture a non-new theme for the artist is dealt with. The theme of the great mother is in fact present in the bronze sculptureĀ  Grande Madre (English: Big Mother). In this version the figure is seen as a layered landscape like the natural rock formations that can be seen in a mountain environment.The color from cobalt blue to green to yellow wants to express a tension upwards and give a touch of strong contemporaneity to the work.This sculpture was made with a special ecological acrylic resin for casting and subsequently painted with acrylic colors.

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