Carnet de reves | exhibition at Les Moulins at the Studio Orta.

Carnet de reves

Carnet de reves

Informative sheet

Title: Carnet de reves
Year: 2012
Technique: various
Dimensions: various

Artworks that I presented at the "Carnet de reves" exhibition (20 October - 26 November 2012) at the Studio Orta:

  • Salto quantistico (English: Quantum leap) April - May 2012 wood, paper, acrylic 40x40x45 cm
  • AR_scultura n°.01, 02, 03 (English: AR_sculpture)
  • Kazimir elevato al cubo (English:  Kazimir elevated to the cube) April - May 2012 wood, paper, acrylic 30x35x55 cm

We partecipated at this  exhibition while we was artists in stage at Studio Orta. We had this opportunity to show our artworks in a nice and very particular environment and location. The site is located in an ancient paper mill, transformed by Studio Orta in his studio and workshop. The entire old factory is surrounded by the fields and by the river Grand Morin, used in the past as a route for the transportation of goods and materials and for the energy production.

Other artists partecipants was: Sofia Cavicchini, Tiziana Abretti, Andrea Rinaudo, Giorgia Kaori Casadei, Clizia Mauloni, Giada Colagiola, Barbara Matera. Aurora Zanabria, Veronica Orta.

"Carnet de reves" exhibition at:

STUDIO ORTA - LES MOULINS Lieu-dit Moulin Sainte-Marie
1 Rue des Papeteries 77169, Boissy-le-Châtel (France)

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