Surrealist sculpture | Il saluto sculpture by Walter Perdan.

Il saluto

Il saluto

Informative sheet

Title: Il saluto
Year: 2017
Technique: cold ceramic (acrylic resin), acrylic color.
Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 14 cm

Il saluto (English: The greeting) is a cold-ceramic surrealist sculpture by Walter Perdan. The work aims to express in a symbolic form a greeting towards something indefinite, a poem, the irrational:

"To the top but perhaps also to the sun: opening that allows a glimpse of a possibility." The surrealist sculpture calls in a whisper, the unconscious that was sleeping in a corner, so he comes on tiptoe and it surprises us with its energy and strength, we jump and finally open our eyes! "

Nothing is taken for granted by a surrealist artist. A shape is not just a container nor a silhouette for Chinese shadows but a feather that tickles the eyes. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that reality has many aspects and possibilities, we should always look at our dreams and our most deep inner part of soul.

Another work with surrealist influences: The Tiger never follows the Square.

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