Abstract sculpture | Alchimia wooden sculpture by Walter Perdan.



Informative sheet

Title: Alchimia
Year: 2011
Technique: larch wood, tint, wax
Dimensions: 70x43x25 cm

"Alchimia" (English: Alkemy) is an abstract sculpture made of larch wood, by the Italian artist Walter Perdan. The sculpture was conceived and partly realized in the Julian Alps of Friuli. In fact, at that time I lived and worked during the summer in a shelter in the mountains near the Jof Fuart group. In this area during the First World War there was the Austrian line, it is not difficult to find remains of that past going nearby. In fact, I happened to find several shards of bomb and grenade around. I found a really big one: it looked like a female belly that opened even if it had been an instrument of death: for this reason I decided to turn this form into an abstract sculpture. An alchemical transformation not only in form but also deriving from the material. The wood in fact came from a larch eradicated by a spring avalanche and found near the shelter. The color inside the concavity underlines the idea of the wound that must be healed but also exposed, exposed. An abstract sculpture that cares, that heals the wounds of time and men on themselves and on the environment. Art has a healing power and has a high symbolic value. Through sharing we can transform the memory of an event into something new. This is why I created a series of works based on this concept. Sublimazione (English: Sublimation), for example, is an abstract sculpture that I created in ways similar to "Alchimia". It was made of local wood too and has a wound. But it is a wound that opens to heaven, because it has been painted with blue ... I am convinced that abstract art is not a mute and cold word, on the contrary it can be a vehicle of very deep reflections but only if inspiration and The artist's intent is genuine and sincere.

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