Abstract sculpture | Il castigo - artwork by Walter Perdan.

Il castigo

Il castigo

Informative sheet

Title: Il castigo
Year: 2017
Technique: wood, acrylic colors, crayons, markers, string.
Dimensions: 20 x 80 x 10 cm

Il castigo ((English: The punishment) is a figurative abstract sculpture created by Walter Perdan. It is made with plywood, painted with acrylic color, with pencil interventions and colored markers for artists. The work aims to represent a puppet on the style of the figures invented by Malevic in the Victory on the Sun. A puppet destined to be chastised by the Sun and hung up for punishment. A metaphor of the condition of the artist and his desire to overcome and overcome reality. It has the appearance of an abstract sculpture made up of many pieces that coexist together to create a larger and more evolved organism. Streams of energy represented by the color and the pencil mark and with the marker cross it from head to toe. It has the playful and burlesque character of another work: Art is a joke.

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