Abstract sculpture | Sublimazione wooden sculpture by Walter Perdan.



Informative sheet

Title: Sublimazione
Year: 2012
Technique: wood larch, watercolor, wax
Dimensions: 105x27x16 cm

Sublimazione (English: Sublimation) is an abstract sculpture made of larch wood. Sublimation is a chemical-physical process whereby from a solid state one passes directly to the gaseous one. A rapid transformation that involves radical change. The sculpture reveals a wound, which can determine a turning point a wound that does not ooze blood but reveals heaven: a possibility that we through the wounds have to be able to evolve and elevate ourselves. Abstract sculpture that contains a promise, abstract sculpture that reveals the infinite.Man has the possibility of choice before his destiny, openness is the characteristic of being. The openness of being and the unveiling of truth as ineluctable facts must lead the human being in the experiential journey of existence. In this sense art must reveal a path, it must create a possibility. The free game that must lead to a high mission: to reveal the impossible. What is sublimation then? A transformation that at first seemed impossible but thanks to art becomes very possible. Seeing a solid that is transformed into steam is a marvelous experience. We must think that art generates the same wonder before the exceptional, the wonderful, the impossible. With a blink of an eye we can change our mind and have incredible results. The problem is that to get to the beat of eyelashes we can also use a whole life. Ultimately art and sculpture require an alchemical path to arrive at our sublimation. In the alchemic sublimation (sublimatio) is an important stage in art and consists in the reunification of opposites. Masculine and feminine, spirit and body, activity and passivity must be reunited so as to transform the "raw stone" (the apprentice) into "stone with a red stone" (lapis). The task of art is to try to penetrate the center, that is to probe the inner spiritual space.

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