Augmented art | Poetry of the little things, nowhere by Walter Perdan.

Poetry of the little things, nowhere

Poetry of the little things, nowhere

Informative sheet

Title: Poetry of the little things, nowhere
Year: 2013
Technique: Mixed materials, wood, acrylic colors, printed paper, raspberrypi (micro-computer), webcam, display lcd 2,5.
Dimensions: varied dimensions

"Poetry, of the little things, nowhere" is an artwork of augmented art and consist of a small interactive installation. Poetry, art can manifest in any form. It can be elusive, almost intangible, ethereal and heavy as a poem in a few verses. We should close our eyes of habit and open those of the side glance, incomplete, but perhaps more truthful. A sculpture what can it be? Always arises as a "cloud" in the mind of the artist. A virtuality of promises, which can take many routes. He has a brief appearance in this world, but since it appears can change radically. Although fragile and delicate, is intended to upset him. Think of the sculpture as a small firefly that gradually lightens your fears, gives for a very short time (with respect to infinity of the Universe!), a flash of genius. I would like to think of sculpture as something tangible and intangible, which can live only with the contribution of the user-active spectator. Careful to handle the object, but also with a feeling tense to grasp the delicate poetry of this act. Art can not exist without the artist and even without an audience. "Poetry, of the little things, nowhere" fits into this space, the border area, limit probably between art and non-art. It is a dangerous game, a joke clown you could say between the serious and the humorous. But it's the risk that run all artists, explorers and researchers. Do not be offended for so little! I hope that, somewhere around, there are many hunters of dreams, which are able to capture a large amount, the sculpture is ultimately one of these ...

Augmented reality art is a field of research very recent but with very big promises, what will be the futrure developmen of it?

"Poetry, of the little things, nowhere” - Technical overview: A moving part can be handled by the user-viewer and be placed in front of the other part of the installation, close to the webcam. The captured images are processed by a small computer the size of a credit card. Thanks to a software of Augmented Reality, where there is a specific geometric pattern black and white (so called "markers"), is superimposed on the small screen as a three-dimensional virtual blue extension of the sculpture physical and material. To develop this software I used an open source project: OpenFrameworks on a raspberrypi card

This work  partecipated in the Celeste Prize 2013:

Trieste, 2013

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