Abstract painting | FloW-er PoW-er by Walter Perdan.

FloW-er PoW-er

FloW-er PoW-er

Informative sheet

Title: FloW-er PoW-er
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm

FloW-er PoW-er is an abstract painting with devices for augmented reality. This means that if with a smartphone, equipped with a video camera, I go to this web address: kalwalt.github.io/interactivity/flower_power/ and pointing the camera on the marker, I will see some text and an image appear.

The ciphertext


with the password

FloW-er PoW-er

in unencrypter triple-DES gives me:

Crypto Value Art

The work, like others that I created, focuses on the encryption and de-encryption of texts. A very contemporary theme of contemporaneity, the source of various problems. In a certain sense, even art has its own cipher. It contains a value that must be encrypted and decrypted to be understood. Augmented reality gives us new possibilities and new problems, but we also need to be positive: it is not said that everything must be negative. In this type of works, in abstract painting with augmented reality, it is important to underline the extreme formal synthesis.On the one hand it is due to the technological means employed on the other hand, it is a personal choice of the artist. A disadvantage that might seem to be a defect becomes an important resource for the artist who wants to make abstract painting. By placing one next to the top seemingly discordant elements one can discover and invent new solutions. This is a summary of the work an artist should do, inventing something that did not exist before. You can visit this page to learn more about abstract painting works with augmented reality.

See the video below:

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