Abstract painting | Ideogram password - acrylic artwork by Walter Perdan.

Ideogram password

Ideogram password

Informative sheet

Title: Ideogram password
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 3,5 cm

Ideogram password is an abstract painting painted in acrylic. What connects an ideogram and a password? Both contain information within them. More precisely, an ideogram contains a fragment of information in terms of the level of meaning, while a password allows access to information that is otherwise not accessible without it. Nature is full of passwords: certain enzymes in many reactions act just like passwords, they are "keys" that set in motion certain chemical-physical mechanisms. It is significant that Nature uses certain mechanisms to ensure the continuity of life. The password is necessary to prevent some processes from inadvertently occurring. On a daily and global level there is a need to protect one's privacy and sensitive information. A characteristic of "keys" is incomprehensibility. In simplistic terms, the harder they are to understand, the harder it will be to decipher them. In the computer sciences, various techniques are developed to achieve this result. Most use random number generators (actually pseudo-random) to make the sequence unpredictable. Basically, noise is added to a series of numbers. It has been shown that a certain amount of noise is necessary for life. Ideogram password must be read just like this: it is a necessary noise. Perhaps incomprehensible to the surface, but in depth reveals its secrets. A tautology through words and forms of color, which by definition speaks about itself and nothing else but for itself. An abstract painting that makes us reflect and asks questions: What is art? What relationship can there be between a form and a nonsense word? Does the form acquire more meaning or does it see its meaning diminished? And vice versa, what can we say about passwords? Does all this make sense?

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