Abstract painting | Ideogramma AR01 acrylic painting by Walter Perdan.

Ideogramma AR01

Ideogramma AR01

Informative sheet

Title: Ideogramma AR01
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 3,5 cm

Ideogramma AR01 is an abstract painting with augmented reality. The painting on canvas, made of acrylic, has drawn inside a "marker" for augmented reality, and is part of a series works with this characteristic in common. This marker, which is a drawing with a black border, is a shape that is recognized by the software used. The form inside wants to be an abstract ideogram. If we point the smartphone on the marker you will see a 3D sculpture appear on the screen. The organic and inorganic world are mixed in this abstract painting. An ideogram, even if the term is not very correct, is a sign to which a word, a meaning is attributed. This description does not want to be exhaustive, for further information see this page. My interest in the ideograms is due to the discovery of some artists who, in contact with oriental art, began to invent ideograms, playing purely on the forms that were created. A conceptual operation perhaps, but with much poetry. If by poetry we do not mean the manifestation of feelings but instead a concept that was expressed by Heidegger. For the German philosopher, in fact, there is an affinity between poetry and thought, between poetry and truth, thanks to which poetry acquires a very important role. "Language is language" he will say in one of his essays (the language in poetry, 1953). This is a tautology, but it effectively summarizes the meaning of the paintings I have made. Tautologies in the guise of the language of abstract painting. Abstract painting that talks about itself and nothing else. But perhaps this is an extreme simplification, the truth is that we always look at things from a subjective point of view, and we do not realize that "the other" could have a different interpretation. Augmented reality want enhance reality and expand art possibilities, In my research i try to find new relations between technology and tradition. Ideograms generally are small lexical units, a shape and a meaning connecting each other. But every shape could be an ideogram, the relation between the two is arbitrary.

A short video for the interactive part:

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