Abstract art | Noise - acrylic painting by Walter Perdan.

Noise (Mon cher Mondrian)

Noise (Mon cher Mondrian)

Informative sheet

Title: Noise (Mon cher Mondrian)
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm

Noise (Mon cher Mondrian) is an abstract interactive painting with "marker" for augmented reality. The painting is a playful tribute to the great master of abstract art Piet Mondrian. Part of the painting resumed the abstract style of Mondrian, another part instead creates a noise. There are forms that have more to do with fluidity than with geometry, because I wanted to create a contrast.

The text is also of two types:

  • Mon cher Mondrian

    it is a playful, almost affectionate text

  • Kc6RXeeXuA0IzfgUHN5r3PK6Q2Vay0riqjxIh0o3amU

    is the same as "Mon cher Mondrian" using an RC6 decrypter placing the word "Noise" as a password.

Noise is also the word that appears on the smartphone screen if it is pointed to the "marker" of the painting as you can see in the video below.

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