Abstract sculpture | Sinfonia di primavera - sculpture by Walter Perdan.

Sinfonia di primavera

Sinfonia di primavera

Informative sheet

Title: Sinfonia di primavera
Year: 2012
Technique: plywood, acrilyc colors.
Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 17 cm

Sinfonia di primavera (English: Spring Symphony) is an abstract sculpture made of plywood painted with acrylic color. It is part of a series of sculptures centered on the concept of "liquid" time and space, for example the sculpture Dodici stati di una scultura nel tempo e nello spazio (English: Twelve states of a sculpture in time and space). I refer to the concept of liquid modernity by Zigmunt Baumann. Time changes ourselves and our lives and time changes according to our perception. Perhaps color can represent these changes of state, I am therefore interested in creating works that can convey this feeling. Abstract sculpture is the most suitable to express such thoughts.

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