Interactive art and the new possibilities.

An article to speak about Art and Interactivity and the new possibilities behind it.

Interactive art as new possibilities.

I'm very interesting to the interactivity, this is a matter of fact, I believe that there are some very interesting things in this area, and is moreover very vast. Let me emphasize that I have not abandoned the other expressive but I think it takes some effort to deal with things and you can not do everything exceedingly. I hope that in my blog you are able to establish the discussions or at least the visitors may find useful and constructive way. It is my intention to also implement the techniques in my 3d interactive web site. I wanted to do it right now but this takes time. It would also be the continuation of the project FractalSoundLandscape, which was originally born as a web application 3d but then the ActiveX plugin neoaxis I used did not work as it should, so I had to give up. My look out for these technologies was mainly due to the search for new areas esposititvi: In addition to the discourse on interactivity is evident, was also looking for a way to avoid the usual art system and establish new ways of being able to share their artistic expression. This idea is seriously in the project, and in the coming months, but probably in the fall everything will be effective.