Abstract painting with AR | Art is a joke by Walter Perdan

Art is a joke

Art is a joke

Informative sheet

Title: Art is a joke
Year: 2018
Technique: acrylic color on canvas
Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm

Art is a joke is an abstract painting with augmented reality, hand-painted acylic artwork. To interact with the work you need a smartphone with integrated camera and an internet connection. In the artwork a "marker" is painted a special square shape with black border, which is recognized by the software, on the phone screen will appear some text. I like to create contrasts between organic and geometric shapes and consequently find a kind of harmony. The text that appears in augmented reality is an encrypted message that can be de-encrypted with a software. The key is somewhere in the painting. Unintelligibility is a characteristic of our time. In daily life we are continually pervaded by codes and elements that we can not understand. On the one hand we have a repulsion on the other we are attracted to it. The code in the language is now an integral part of contemporaneity. Not only in the computer or para-informatic field, but also and above all in the art world. The "writers" of street art have their codes that have developed to recognize and mark the territory, but also to make their messages secret to the users who are in the great system. Messages that contain in formation, sometimes compressed, sometimes diluted.But not only, information corresponds to a plus-value, which determines the meaning and the very existence of the work. You can visit this page to learn more about abstract painting with augmented reality.

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This work was exibithed at Premio Start 2018 in Thiene (Vi) - Italy from 26 may to 10 june 2018 at  "ex Lanificio Ferrarin - reparto finissaggio".

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