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Informative sheet

Title: L'ombra
Year: 2017
Technique: wood, acrylic, collage, sisal and other materials.
Dimensions: 167 x 100 x 187 cm

L'ombra (English: The shadow) is a work of abstract art by Walter Perdan. The artwork is intended as a tribute to Haruki Murakami's novel "The end of the world - the wonderland". On each side of the wooden structure there is a phrase from the novel:

  • "Il cuore è come il vento."
  • "Il pensiero divide indefinitamente il tempo."
  • "Qui giace la mia ombra."
  • "Il pensiero in un secondo può vedere tutto."

English translation:
  • "The heart is like the wind."
  • "Thought divides time indefinitely."
  • "Here lies my shadow."
  • "Thought in a second can see everything."

The phrase "Here lies my shadow." It is of my invention.

With this installation I wanted to play with some themes / aspects of the novel. First of all, the relationship that exists in the novel between the shadow of the protagonist and the heart. So I thought of identifying myself in the character and saying that "here lies my shadow", well aware of the ambiguity of this statement (here where the shadow of who is the sculpture, the artist or the character?) In this aura of My work is situated in mystery, indeterminacy and suspension.

The suspended sculpture and the one resting on the ground want to represent some aspects that are peculiar to the novel:

The attention to the noise that can be represented graphically with the waves, the relationship between "heart" and "shadow" and finally the lake as the fluid seat of freedom and the final conclusion of the novel ...

The idea of ​​the representation of noise in a work is not new to me, and I intend to develop it further, if you are interested, visit this page to view the acrylic painting Onde sonore (English: Sound waves). Abstract art represents a constant for me, in fact it meant my beginning in art and painting. For me,  Kandinskji was my first teacher, who influenced my way of thinking and feeling abstract art for a long time. Later there were other teachers who marked my path but when I happen to see one of his paintings is always a strong and intense emotion.

For other informations visit Artmajeur.

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